You can almost hear the strains of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue as you stare out of the panoramic wall to ceiling windows which, from your 45th floor vantage point, give you a stunning view of the city below. New York with all its grandeur rolls out before you as you look down famed Madison Avenue, floating even above the spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral from your lofty position. A tapestry of skyscrapers which climb out of the sprawling grid of city streets a dizzying distance below compete for your attention, but ultimately its the queue of yellow ant-like NYC taxi cabs battling through the Midtown traffic which romantically wins. From here one could almost imagine they are the King of New York, especially as you have checked into a Palace, the New York Palace to be exact, one of the finest properties in the metropolis. p51_Liv_Mar_.qxd Read the full PDF of my magazine article on New York Palace here

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