Sunlight glistens on the water, a tranquility that contrasts the turmoil inside as you try to quiet a heart hammering inside your chest.

You wonder if the same battle is being fought by the people surrounding you, but a quick glance gives only an impression of focused determination.

You return your gaze back to the expanse of water ahead of you, breathing in deep as you try to make yourself still.

“30 seconds,” the cry goes up. Calm is impossible now, your adrenal gland is dumping endorphins into your system, preparing your body’s ‘fight or flight’ instincts.

What faces you is both, fight and flight; speed and spirit will be required for the challenge ahead.

“10 seconds!” A last glance to your left, whoever it is they look ready, are you?


Read the full PDF of my magazine article on triathlon tourism

Visit the International Triathlon Union’s website here

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