If the headlines are to be believed, really we shouldn’t travel anywhere, anytime.

If IS (or is it ISIS or ISIL?) doesn’t get you then Boko Haram might. But equally you might just get knocked down by a car crossing the road outside your home, where-ever you are in the world.

Flippant words maybe, but that fear of travel has real consequences and Jordan is one country suffering from that paranoia.

Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Jordan is not rich in oil, its people need tourism, especially as the country cares for more than 1 million refugees displaced from Syria and Iraq.

But hotels report a big drop in numbers due to the ongoing situation in the Middle East.

Having just returned from an amazing Valentine’s Day trip to Petra and the Dead Sea I found Jordan safe, welcoming and stunning.

I’ll be posting a full magazine article soon, but until then I wanted to say ‘just go’.

Don’t let fear determine what you see (or don’t) in this world.


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