Have you noticed that the faster life gets, the more modernity sweeps us up in the latest innovations, how the past always has a claim on our affections?

Sometimes it can be your actual past, with scents and sounds placing you right back at a singular moment in time, when for a moment that feeling of being back then and there is undeniable.

And then there is the imagined past, the romantic call from decades ago when life moved at a different pace, when people were kinder and the world was still an undiscovered marvel waiting to be discovered one country at a time.

It is that nostalgia for the ideals of the past that has seen characters such as Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes defy the years and remain as loved today, perhaps even more so, as they were years before.

So, what on earth has all that rambling to do with a mere hotel? Well imagine if you took the characters of Downton Abbey and asked them to open a hotel in the Gulf, perhaps St Regis Abu Dhabi, bang on the capital city’s Corniche, would fit the bill more than many places.

Read the PDF of my magazine article on St Regis Abu Dhabi

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