I can’t think of anything I want to do for 50 hours continuously, not continuously.

Thinking about it, if I had to choose one thing I had to do non-stop for that length of time it wouldn’t be to cook a piece of meat.

And then if I did, and I really wouldn’t, the last thing I’d do is give it to a complete stranger, having never met them and not knowing if they would appreciate all that time and effort.

But having said that, as I bit into the beef rib prepared by Chef Izu’s team at the La Serre Bistro, in Dubai’s boutique Vida Hotel, I can genuinely say the melt-in-the-mouth experience as the juices streamed out was worth the two-days plus it took them to achieve.

Click here for the full PDF of my Dubai Food Festival experience

Click here to visit the Dubai Food Festival website


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