Since when did watching Formula 1 become so affordable, especially at one of the most luxurious tracks in the world at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit?

Don’t believe me? Well early bird tickets for this year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November went on sale today and a few quick conversions had me raising an eyebrow in disbelief (just the one mind you, two would have been excessive).

So, if you book between three to nine tickets for the Abu Dhabi Hill, on either 27, 28 or 29 November (raceday) it will cost you Dh356 for a day pass.

Ok you don’t get seats, you’ll have to take a picnic blanket, but you do get glorious sunshine, two hours of racing action, access to all entertainment areas in the circuit including Yas Marina Yacht Club and the F1 Village, plus access to the after race concert which is often the hottest ticket in town, having staged the likes of Prince (is he Prince again or still symbol?), Kanye West (when he was still cool), Jay Z, Muse, Beyonce etc

So that’s Dh365, which is approximately Omr37, or £65 in UK money. That is cheaper than going to watch QPR (Queens Park Rangers) play football at home on a wet, windy and wintry weekend for 90 minutes. Oh, and as they are currently languishing second from bottom in the Premiership, there is a fair chance they’ll lose (sorry to any QPR fans, harsh I know).

A three-day ticket for the Abu Dhabi Hill will cost Dh895 under the same T&Cs, respectively Omr93 or £163. Obviously there are a host of prices going up all the way to Dh19,900 for entry into the uber-luxurious Paddock Club (Omr2,086 or £3,642), eye-watering perhaps but equally awesome once you are in (I was once).

So QPR (assuming they fight their way out of the relegation zone this year, good luck to the fans) or the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?


You can buy tickets at and through the Yas Marina Circuit Call Centre (800 927) or +971 (0) 2 659 9800,

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