Step inside the second largest cavern in the world, and one of the coolest places on earth, right here in Oman.

The Majlis al Jinn Cave lies in the eastern part of the Hadschar Mountains in Oman.

You can reach it through three collapsed craters from above. The only way to get inside the cave is by rappelling freely about 160 meters deep. There are no ground-level entrances. There are only a few possible routes that lead through the roof back out of the cave.

It is ‘probably’ the biggest roof this planet has to offer, and so two climbers Stefan Glowacz, from Germany, and Chris Sharma, from the USA, descended into the bowels of the earth a year ago today to bring us these pictures.

Why did they do it? Because no one else had done so yet, and I love them for it.

Today, climbing legend Stefan returned to Oman for a private screening of the ‘Into the Light’ documentary, filmed  with the support of the Ministry of Tourism.

Red Bull held the premiere of the documentary at the Cave restaurant complex in Rumba Lattina located in Darsait Hills to preview it to the media.

The rest of us can watch it at VOX cinema at the end of this month.

For more words, pictures and video see Times of Oman print edition tomorrow and
Amazing pictures credit to Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Content Pool

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