Any ideas what the collective noun for chefs is? The UK’s Independent newspaper suggests it’s a ‘spoilbroth’, whatever you call it there’s one happening across the world simultaneously and The Chedi Muscat is in the mix.

Every year the culinary event ‘Gout de France’ also known as ‘Good France’ takes place on March 19  to celebrate French cuisine and this year 1,000 chefs on five continents will be serving a Gallic meal at precisely the same time.

Of them 999 don’t work in Oman, but one does, French-born Executive Chef at The Chedi Muscat, Sébastien Cassagnol who will be dishing up at the award-winning Beach Restaurant.

In accordance with the guidelines from ‘Gout de France’, the menu will consist of a traditional French aperitif, a cold starter, a hot starter, fish or shellfish, meat or poultry, a French cheese (or cheeseboard), a chocolate dessert all paired with French vintages and digestifs. Men take note, trousers with elasticated waistbands are recommended.

Highlights from the French-inspired menu include local ingredients such as an entrée of Omani prawn served with vegetable pot-au-feu (that’s French stew to the rest of us), followed by a main course that includes grilled tuna steak with ratatouille garnished with black olive foam.

The seven-course menu includes paired vintages which will be served exclusively for one night at The Beach Restaurant on March 19. The menu is priced at OMR 89 (plus applicable taxes) per person. For reservations please contact (968) 24524400 or email

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