The warm waters of the Arabian Gulf lap at your legs as you sit on powder-white sand. To your left the glorious Burj Al Arab rises out of the sea like a ship hewn from light, its billowing sail-like structure creating the illusion that the huge seven-star hotel is in fact impossibly delicate.

Sweeping your gaze around to the right, across the ocean and back across the marina playing host to billionaires and their yachts, you take in the Dubai skyline, with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, reaching up into the sky in the distance.

And directly behind you, your hotel rises gracefully from its beachfront location, looking down on a host of azure pools, palms and playgrounds for young and old.

This might be your favourite memory of Dubai’s impressive Jumeirah Beach Hotel, but it will be a close- run battle, for this resort, and the city by the sea it calls home, will compete for that coveted title.

Living Dubai

Read the full PDF of my magazine article on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Visit the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s website

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