It’s funny because as it sits there softly growling at you, its LED lights looking for all the world like eyes, Rolls-Royce’s latest incarnation of the Ghost has never looked more alive.

The Ghost Series II recently made its debut in the Sultanate, and across the Gulf, and is already helping push resurgent Rolls-Royce sales higher in 2014.

So, having driven its formidable predecessor around the Al Hajjar mountains here in Oman, I took the opportunity to climb inside the rebooted Ghost to get a feel for the changes, this time travelling to Dubai where motoring journalists from across the Middle East flocked to experience the sequel.

While for many Rolls-Royce remains a thing of fantasy, an aspiration for only the most successful, when you climb inside the expansive exterior of one of these bespoke motors you realise how very real, and how very powerful these machines are.

Read the full PDF of my magazine article here on the Rolls-Royce Ghost II

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